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Now your sports shows can be everything you imagined….. For years, the cost of production tools have knocked smaller schools right out of the professional sports coverage ballpark……until now!

Break ahead of your competition with Tehillah Concepts LED Displays & DAV Studios technology!
Tehillah Concepts has partnered with DAV Studios, provided by New Tek TriCaster to deliver the professional look and content that will put your team head and shoulders above the local competition. Tricaster has a catalog of products that have been time tested.


TriCaster TC1

Live production and Live Streaming bundled together in one affordable Sports Package solution. The most complete production system available today. Nowhere else will you find another solution that includes a complete suite of tools for creativity, control, and content publishing, all in one turnkey package.

  • Capture live video
  • Mix different visual sources
  • Overlay graphics, charts, titles, animations
  • Add a presentation
  • Key out solid backgrounds and simulate a set
  • Webcast programs on a live video stream
  • Record your entire game for play back and watch it on demand

Software Sports Packages

Elevate your in-game coverage with broadcast-quality sports production graphics that showcase team colors, scores, statistics, and player information.

Sports production graphics that showcase team colors, scores, statistics, and player information. Each sports graphics pack includes 5 sets of fully customizable title templates. Create your own great multimedia content

  • Fast, straightforward, and easy to set up
  • All-in-one studio-style system
  • Most-complete creative toolset available
  • Sized to make and stream content from anywhere
  • No need for professional crews or expensive equipment
  • Stream live to your choice of new media platforms, including user-friendly presets for Facebook Live, Microsoft® Azure®, Periscope, Twitch, YouTube™ Live, and more. Live Sound Experience
  • Recording and Replay – Capture all the angles, record multiple channels of full-resolution video to QuickTime® or H.264 files.

More Choices for Creative Content – Avoid the time and effort of developing your own creative elements or the expense of enlisting a designer to create them for you. Our content packs provide an instant professional touch that enhances the look and feel of your productions—easily and affordably.


Live Panel App

Power to control in the palm of your hand. A flexible and easy-to-use browser-based interface. Cloud based interface plug-in for total control of your Tricaster from you iPad, phone or mobile device.


TriCaster Mini

You don’t have to be a video expert, own a studio, lug any complicated equipment around, or use expensive professional cameras to make great content quickly and stream it live in minutes. With everyday camcorders and TriCaster Mini, anyone can make a show with professional results.

  • 16-channel video switcher with 4 Mix/Effects rows
  • Hand-carry form factor, sized for small spaces and easy transport
  • I/O for 4 cameras (pro or prosumer) and both AV and video outputs

Complete multi-camera production systems with video mixing, amazing graphics, replay effects, live streaming, social media publishing, virtual sets and much more.

Thrill your clients, fans and sponsors. Now athletic sports programs at all budget levels can produce sports shows that look like the national networks!


TriCaster Bundle

Plug in the cameras, a mouse and a keyboard, and you can turn the smallest production into engaging video content and stream it live in minutes, in the office or with the on the go travel case

  • Go-anywhere size & shape
  • Easy A/V connections for simple setup



NDI Network Device Interface

In a single, interconnected production environment, where any device can connect to every other device–and every source is also a destination–live production has limitless possibilities.

High School video and broadcasting classes are now centering their agendas on this new, easy to use equipment. You don’t have to be a video expert, own a studio to make great content quickly and stream it live on the LED video digital display!

  • Create your own great multimedia content
  • Fast, straightforward, and easy to set up
  • All-in-One studio style system
  • Most complete creative tool set available
  • Sized to make and stream content to your LED video digital display
  • No need for professional crews or expensive equipment
  • HDMI & SDI options available

Like never before, the most complete production system available today for Stadiums and Arena venues. This system is designed with the way you work in mind.

House of Worship Solutions

Our system will allow you to reach more worshipers,create inspiring and professional videos to magnify your messages and cultivate relationships.

  • Increase service participation
  • Mix camera and video with interactive content through lyrics and scripture
  • Live streaming
  • Fund raising
  • Record your sermons
  • Reach the next generation
  • One button social media sharing
  • Multi-site streaming
  • Overflow viewing

This system is designed to help your church.

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Expect the Best! Ignite your fans and inspire your team!

Stadium LED Video Digital
Displays & Scoreboards


The Best of the Best is now available in an outdoor 10mm LED & 6.67mm Fine Pixel Pitch. Unmatched clarity and stunning Video quality.

Outdoor Advertising Displays


Maximize your investment, Captivate your audience, earn advertising dollars and generate revenue for your athletic sports programs!

Indoor SMD Video Displays


Ultra Fine Pixel Pitch surface mount diodes (SMD) provide new possibilities for indoor displays. Ultra 4K with crisp detail and vibrant colors offers a pristine image for your fans to enjoy.

DAV Studio Tricaster


Sports video producer can stream live to deliver top level fan experience with instant replay, slow motion, highlights, transitions, and high end graphics.

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