Indoor Displays


1.9, 2.9 & 3.9mm Displays

Brightness adjust automatically, white balance compensates automatically.

Intelligent monitoring technology will automatically adjust the brightness and allows for white balance compensation. There are strict quality controls in the LED lamp and chip. These are equipped with light-colored correction measures to ensure uniformity of brightness and color for a perfect picture.

Perfect Design

Perfect 16:9 Format. The cabinets’ internal wiring, lamp board PCB, high-end IC, high gray, high refresh rate and high brightness allows for high quality and sharper images.


New Omni Directional HD Indoor Screen

Advanced gravity sensor design in the LED cabinets, pictures can be auto-rotated along with the LED cabinets. Omni-directional fastening devices allows for quick and easy installation.


  • Pixel Pitch: 1.9, 2.9 & 3.9 mm
  • Brightness: ≥4500 CD/㎡
  • Cabinet Size: 500*1000mm
  • Cabinet Weight: Die-casting magnesium
  • Cabinet Weight: 14±0.5kg


  • Pixel Pitch (mm) 10.97mm
  • LED Encapsulation DIP346 gold Threaded LED chip
  • 10mm Display 3072 LED lights per square foot
  • Module size (mm) 320×320
  • Cabinet size (mm) 960×960
  • Cabinet weight (kg) 48
  • Average Consumption (w/in2) 312
  • Brightness (nits) 10,000
  • Working Temperature -20 deg C to 50 deg C



New Magnetic Design – Easy Maintenance

New Magnetic module design is a time saver and allows for easier maintenance.

Coach+Condict2 108w

Dale Condict (Coach)

“The 10mm video board is above and beyond what I was expecting, and we had high expectations going into this project.”

Venson 108w

Mr. David Vinson

“When the video board was installed, it was amazing to see the quality and clarity with the images and the first game with our community, it was really impressive.”

Coach Craig 2 108w

Jeff Craig (Coach)

“It was amazing to see this all come together and the clarity of videoboard. When we had our first game, our community was really impressed.”

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